Fall Time Tips for Inspecting Windows

The rain and snow will soon start to pile up on fields, roads, and houses all throughout Pennsylvania. One issue you may not be so much aware of, but is crucial to keeping your home comfy and cozy, is the fact of making sure your windows are sealed tight and no damage is found. Any damage that is found, internal or external to the window itself, may allow cold air, bugs that are trying to find warmth, and other undesirable things to enter your home.

It is a little past due when you should check for damages, but the time is never too late. Perform a test from the inside of your house which will let you see if air is making its way past inside. Grab a lighter, candle, or any other object that can provide a small, visible flame. That air would push through the window at certain spots, it would bend the flame towards you. Try it for a few minutes and travel around the sides of your window with the flame, be cautious when conducting the test.

Another big issue is the pests trying to find somewhere warm to chill out. Keep an eye out for where areas they may start showing up. If you start seeing them appear in a specific corner of the room, check it out.

Not only could the window itself be the problem, but also other insignificant materials such as the caulk or screen could be damaged. Make sure to give them a look while you’re at your inspection. You may not only lose energy and warmth due to the damaged windows, but also the damage could build up over time and cause more issues in the end. Having a faulty window during the snowfall will not be pleasant to deal with!

If you, unfortunately, do find a matter concerning your windows, contact Window Mania for support. In the worst case, it could be needing a new replacement, not just new caulk or a new screen.

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