Is your home ready for the colder weather?

As the cold days start to pile up that means more of the family will be inside running about, and it can be a little chaotic when we’re stuck inside all day with the freezing weather building up. More accidents can occur, and before the snow tumbles down, you’ll have to act fast if any windows get damaged.

With Windows Mania we not only offer our customers top quality service with efficiency to make sure the windows work properly but also add some extra shine to your home. If the case is where something gets damaged, and hopefully not shattered, we can be there to help you through it.

Before even calling us, take a photo of the damage and then clean up the glass that could be littered everywhere, from the huge pieces to the tiny shards that may have fallen between the pile of your carpet. You’ll want some gloves, a sweeper and be sure to check all around the area where the glass broke. Carefully, out of harm’s way, clean up the mess and when you think you are done take an extra sweep around the perimeter of the scene.

With our services we can efficiently and swiftly help this moment of worry so you don’t have to worry about the weather on the other side. Not only do we provide window replacement, but also window installation. Don’t let the weather turn you cold; call us today to learn about our window installation services as well as our door installation services. We’re always looking to make our own customers proud of the work they receive, whether we worked on the window or the door that day!

Window Mania is a full service window installer and door installation provider. We help many home owners with replacement windows, new windows installation, door replacement, and door installation. We work with families and businesses in and around Collegeville, PA, Pottstown, PA, Exeter Township, PA, and Allentown, PA.

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